I admit it wouldn’t really make sense if I told my readers abroad to visit Marche first and foremost in Italy. Marche is a small region, or rather, has a small population, of little more than 1 million people (out of overall 60 in Italy). It is often ignored even in Italy itself, and I would bet most of Italians would never even consider the idea of going to Marche.

Yet, and I say yet, Marche is one of the most unique places I know in the world (and believe me, I did my share of traveling). It has sea and mountains, middle ages and renaissance, north and south of Italy in one region. It’s not hard to find tons of information out there on what to see in Marche, and even the number of expats in Marche is growing every year.

The point of this blog however is not simply selling the “Made in Marche”, but making a bit more known a place that really deserves to be, as complex, rich in history and beautiful but discreet as it is. Trust me, Marche deserves more than just a visit! See it for yourself.

All pictures were taken either by me or by Kat

One thought on “About

  1. haha.. the diamond in the rough – thats Marche 😉 you put it very well with, “the good place to find, the good place to hide” bravo Fra, continue!

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