“La Tela”, the place for fabrics, sewing and fashion

Macerata is famous for Matteo Ricci, first non Chinese to translate the Bible in mandarin chinese in the 1500’s, or also, it’s maybe barely known as birthplace for several other characters in the 20th century, from politics to art, all the way to Opera, which is held yearly in awesome Macerata’s Sferisterio. But now, who knows Macerata for its precious “Museo della Tessitura” (Museum of Sewing)? Not as few as you might think, in fact. “La tela” is indeed a must for many handcraft experts in the region and beyond, especially people with a passion for fashion.

These 2 women running the little museum have been working here for more than 20 years and their activity has grown to provide fabrics for reknowned haute couture companies to be used in fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Their museum, which is also a sewing laboratory, is really a place to visit if you make it to Macerata. Here you can find more info: http://www.latela.net/

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