Camerino, Machiavelli and.. Napoleon. Meanders of history on top of a hill.

First of all, thanks for following the blog. “Ancona war cemetery” provoked several feedbacks from around the world, so that makes me want to go on for sure with my idea about setting up an exhibit on the war memorial stories..

As for today, let’s go to Camerino, which is famous for its pharmacy University, its location surrounded by mountains and its glorious history. Despite being a very small town, Camerino was home to a very important noble family, that of Varano, which controlled most of this area between Umbria and Marche. It might seem very isolated, but if you consider how long it took to travel back in the middle ages, keeping the region safe was all but easy. If you add to this that this was one of the main roads connecting Loreto (home to pilgrimages since 1200’s) and Rome, well then you might understand why the Varano dynasty managed to stay very rich and powerful for centuries. That’s why if you travel around the “marca di Camerino” you will see a lot of ruins and castles, which mark the territory once ruled by the Varano family. Their period of glory ended with the invasion of Cesare Borgia, also known as Duca Valentino, of whom you can read extensively in Machiavelli’s “The prince”. Obviously, as in other cases, he killed them all and that’s how the middle ages ended in Camerino.. However, descendants of the family can be traced back for sure until the 1800’s when one of them got married to a member of the Bonaparte’s family in Ascoli Piceno, where part of Napoleon’s family was rooted.. and no, it’s not a legend, you will see in next posts..

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