2012, the year of the snow in Marche

Sometimes people think of Italy as some exotic place, stuck in time, where everything is old and the sun always shines.. well, not this winter! At least not in the Adriatic coast, where it snowed with no interruption for 2 weeks. Something no one has ever seen around here. The only comparison available is with 1956, when it also snowed a lot, but not for so long.. Funny enough, it snowed more in Marche (so far) than on the Alps.. in fact, it has created great damages and quite a few victims, as we’re not so used to such weather around here. So I guess, if you want to visit Marche and you expect to see the sun and enjoy the weather, you’d better come in spring-summer-autumn, just so to make sure.

In the picture, you can see one of the main streets of Macerata, a town that’s quite used to the snow, but the man walking on the boulevard there could not expect that there would be 2 weeks more of snow ahead.

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