Sant’Angelo in Pontano

I think Sant’Angelo in Pontano is probably one of the least visited places in Marche, which is one of the least visited places in Italy.. it figures!

Yet, many here heard the name of this town, either because of its longstanding presepe tradition, or because of San Nicola from Tolentino who lived also here. We are indeed in the land of San Nicola, to whom are dedicated many churches in the area. See more here.

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A dear friend of mine, photographer Roberto Bonfigli (a big Nikon fan), has a little house there in Sant’Angelo, so we went several times. Lucky chance, because the rural area is beautiful and the colors of towns and hills around there are truly amazing. Also, clean air and silence make it a real worthy place to visit, especially if you know where to eat and where to have a siesta afterward and maybe a talk with a nice artist/farmer like Roberto.

If you want to read more about Roberto’s farm in Sant’Angelo in Pontano, read Zero The One.

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