The roads to Ancona (from Macerata) are endless

What I love the most about Marche is that you can always be on the road to a next town. There is always a next town somewhere, very near. Not only, the paths you can take are virtually endless. For example, I have been living in Macerata for about 1 year, and I managed to find 6-7 alternate ways to go to Ancona from here. The picture above was taken along one such path (in fact, the path I don’t take anymore because it takes a little bit longer). Basically, I have become an expert on shortcuts between Macerata and Ancona =)

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In the slideshow you can see Catherine, who came to visit us from Baltimore, Usa last Christmas. It’s certainly not the best weather, but it’s perfect if you like to check out Catholic related events such as Presepe Vivente, the living scene of the Nativity, taking place in many little towns scattered around Marche. It usually takes place on december 26th and january 6th.

2 thoughts on “The roads to Ancona (from Macerata) are endless

  1. My father, Peter Hamilton and his brother, Paul, who is buried at Ancona Military Cemetery, were in the POW camp (Sforzacosta) in the region of Macerata. So, thank you for a glimpse of what they may have seen.

    • thank you for your dear comment. I am always touched by that place and by their fate, as well as that of the people who were under those bombs. Liberated yet bombed, strange destiny that unfortunately keeps repeating itself too often. Thank you to your relatives, and to all the soldiers that helped civilians survive at that time. Best greetings from Italy.

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