Fiastra Lake, province of Macerata

One thing very few people know is that in the 1300’s Macerata used to be the capital of all Marche (even though there wasn’t a clear idea of what Marche really was). Today, Macerata is a rather small town, home to a University founded in 1290 (!) and a rich province that goes from the shoes and fashion district (now increasingly Chinese speaking) of Civitanova Marche to the ancient lands of Camerino, up on the Sibillini Mountains.

For those who don’t know Italy, it’s difficult to understand how many little towns are scattered around in the Appennines. Marche doesn’t make an exception. In fact, there are as many towns in Marche as there are churches in Rome, that is, manyyy!

Lakes, castles, hills, roman ruins and fortified walls complete the portrait of one of the most pictoresque places of Italy (and Europe), the rather unknown province of Macerata, which we will discover starting from Lago di Fiastra and Macereto, a traditional stop point for shepherds on the way to Medici’s Florence, in the Renaissance.

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